80-grade ribs on a Weber

You don’t need a smoker or an expensive wood pellet grill to smoke amazing ribs. Lots of folks might have a Weber grill (or something similar). That’s all you need to make some mouth watering deliciousness.

There’s all sorts of ways you can smoke some ribs. There’s better ways than this, but this way is easy and if you’re new to grilling/smoking, you’ll love it.

Now, if you’re cooking for a big party, then sure, you’re limited with a Weber. But if you’re cooking for you and your significant other, this is for you.

I prefer a slab of St. Louis spare ribs. You can find these at any grocery store. They’re about 11 or 12 pounds.

Here we go.

First, don’t overthink the charcoal situation. Just get some quick light charcoal, and put it on one side of the grill, as shown. Consider throwing some wood chips on top.

Now, as you’re waiting for the charcoal to light up, throw them ribs on the counter and bust out some sriracha sauce. Lather them sons a bitches down with that stuff, THEN coat it with some rub.

What kind of rub? You can make your own, but I just get whatever I can find at the store. There’s all sorts of rub out there. If this is your first time, don’t be overwhelmed. Just pick a rub and throw that stuff all over the ribs on top of that sriracha sauce. Be generous. Lots of rub is good.

Now, throw the ribs on the opposite side of the grill from the charcoal, as seen below. Then throw a pan in the middle, with water in it. The water is going to keep that moisture in the grill, so that the end result (hopefully) will be some fall-off-the-bone ribs.

Then, close the grill, with the vents open and positioned on the opposite side from the charcoal. This way, the smoke sort of goes across the grill, from one side, to the other, for maximum effectiveness.

After an hour, open her up and check the situation. Assuming nothing crazy happened, you should be good. Throw on few extra charcoal nuggets. Close her back up.

After another hour (hour 3) do the very same thing. Hour 3 is when you want to check the ribs to see if they’re finished. An easy way to see if they’re finished, is pick them up with some tongs. If it cracks and bends, then she’s ready. Now, this could be at hour 3 or hour 3.5… depending on the heat situation.

Once they’re ready, baste some BBQ sauce on both sides. Cover her back up for about 10 minutes.

Then snap a pic and throw it on Instagram and shock the world.

To recap:

  • Light your charcoal, on one side of the grill
  • Put sriracha sauce on both sides
  • Cover both sides with rub (any rub)
  • Place ribs on opposite side from charcoal
  • Place pan of water on top of grill
  • Close the grill with vents on opposite side of charcoal
  • Drink beer
  • Check back every hour
  • At hour 3 ish they’re close to done (depending on how much charcoal/how hot you’ve made the grill)
  • When they’re basically done, throw on some BBQ sauce. This isn’t mandatory, but I like sauce.
  • Snap photo and throw it on Instagram.
  • Drink more beer and eat

Josh Brown

Josh is the co-host of Knockahoma Nation. He's written for the Rome News Tribune, as well as Fansided's Tomahawk Take, and he's been published on Fox Sports. He lives with his wife and dogs somewhere in the mountains near Boone, NC.

2 thoughts on “80-grade ribs on a Weber

  • July 8, 2020 at 11:15 am

    Any advice for a gas grill, other than get a charcoal one??

    • July 9, 2020 at 11:01 pm

      Turn one burner on (just treat said burner like you’d treat the charcoal in my instructions) and put the ribs on the opposite side from the burner. Try to keep the temp around 300ish.

      But I’d highly recommend throwing down $80 on a Weber.


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