Fans don’t care about your feelings

Here’s the problem with Blake Snell’s argument – Nobody gives two shits about your millions when there’s a 15% unemployment rate that’s climbing each week. These are not normal circumstances. This isn’t a normal baseball season in which unpaid bloggers on Twitter are licking the balls of MLB players and crying about billionaire owners. There is a pandemic going on, healthcare workers are being furloughed, and Blake Snell is crying on Twitch about how he’s “gotta get mine.”

For those that may not know what I’m talking about, Blake Snell (Former Cy Young winning pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays) recently said during a live stream on his Twitch channel, regarding the negotiations between players and owners trying to restart MLB, that he was “Gonna get mine no matter what.” He made it known that he would not be taking a pay cut to play for owners in fan-less stadiums.

Excuse me if I don’t feel sorry for a guy who works in a non-essential profession that has granted their employees millions of guaranteed dollars over the past several decades. (All MLB contracts are guaranteed, meaning that even if the player gets hurt or has a huge drop in performance that the contract will be paid out in full). A profession that pays their shittiest employee $560k/year. A profession that allows you to retire at age 40, after you buy your mom a new home and pay for your kids’ college and their kids’ college. A profession that guarantees you health insurance FOR LIFE if you never even play a single inning of major league ball so long as you were “called up” and signed a contract.

Nobody gives a shit, Blake Snell. Well, with the exception of the super-woke analytical crowd on Twitter. These dorks think that baseball players and their agents are angels and that owners are white, greedy, and evil. These idiots actually grow emotional attachments to 22-year-old MLB players because they signed their baseball at Chop Fest. And, if you even question them, they call you soulless and explain to you that without the players, there would be no baseball. Thank you for explaining to me that without baseball players there would be no baseball, Mr. anonymous unpaid Braves blogger. That is as dumb as saying “without unpaid bloggers there would be no stupid baseball takes”.

Here’s why I tend to take the owners side on such matters. Owning a sports franchise is more valuable to society than pitching every fifth day during the summer months. Owning a sports franchise entails employing thousands (including Blake Snell’s rich ass), running a farm system, overseeing multiple departments, and looking at spreadsheets (Blake, if you’re reading this, a spreadsheet is not what you wipe your ass with). This is why owners make BILLIONS and players make MILLIONS.

In regards to exactly how much players should get paid this year (should they even play) I have no idea. I’m a replacement-level podcaster. But I do know one thing, most fans don’t give two Manfreds about you making a bare minimum of around $500,000 to play part of a baseball season during a pandemic in which 30% of Americans have lost their jobs.

It’s as tone deaf as Marie Antoinette’s answer when told that the masses were starving and had no bread… “let them eat cake.” She might not have even said those words, but that’s the point. She lost her head a few years later as the French Revolution burned across her nation because of the perception of her being a self-indulgent asshole. And if MLB players think the same won’t happen to them then they are sadly mistaken. There was probably a time they could have had this fight with ownership and won the hearts of the people, but this isn’t that time. And if they aren’t careful, the fanatics that they so uncaringly prey upon to live their luxuriously overpaid lives, will turn on them and soon be screaming “off with their heads.”

Players seem to think that fans aren’t entitled to an opinion about whether they should play ball again. These tone deaf fools build their brand and their value proposition on being someone’s idol, being their escape, being their entertainment. Then they expect these very same people to invest time, money, and even a part of their identity into you. Well, don’t be surprised when they’re ready to depose their “kings” when their king doesn’t ‘feed’ them anymore.

At the end of the day, it probably doesn’t even matter. While I’m yelling at the clouds at how stupid Blake Snell is, MLB is putting out press releases of proposed health guidelines that prohibits spitting and high-fiving. I look forward to watching the College Football Playoffs next year while Blake Snell is still crying about only getting paid $1 million and Rob Manfred is on Anderson Cooper explaining why giving high fives aren’t safe. It’s not that ownership is any better than players. They’re all stupid. But when two fat useless boars fight in the mud, the hungry man on the corner doesn’t care about anything but bacon.

I feel better now. Cry below.

Josh Brown

Josh is the co-host of Knockahoma Nation. He's written for the Rome News Tribune, as well as Fansided's Tomahawk Take, and he's been published on Fox Sports. He lives with his wife and dogs somewhere in the mountains near Boone, NC.

One thought on “Fans don’t care about your feelings

  • May 20, 2020 at 11:24 pm

    Careful with the title of your articles, Josh. Some people may associate you with that awful, racist, fascist, Anti-Semite known as Ben Shapiro!
    In all seriousness, I appreciate the article. Glad to know that somewhere out in the cess pool of this world, that’s even worse on, some people still have common sense.


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