Knockahoma Nation Episode 59

The WISEst Podcast in America.

This week on the Knockahoma Nation podcast we have our buddy Andy Wise on the program. Andy’s a former consumer investigator and three-time Emmy Award nominee for investigative reporting. With his new operation, Wise Choices, Andy does the work for you: he conducts the research, he vets the businesses and he puts his seal of approval on the businesses you can trust to be YOUR Wise Choices.

Most importantly, Andy’s a huge Braves fan and we’ve become buddies with him on Twitter. He went to Dunwoody High School and grew up a Braves fan and tells us call kinds of cool stories from back in the day.

Josh and Ken talk “big picture” stuff. What are the Braves going to do with all these arms? How good is Ender? What happens if/when Christian Pache starts knocking on the door? Can “Flo-zuki” be replaced?

Also on the show this week – Josh tells the story of “Slaughter’s Mad Dash.” This is a famous play that happened in the 1946 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. It involved Hall of Famer Enos Slaughter and a few other cast members. The play ended up determining the winner of the series in the deciding Game 7.

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Josh Brown

Josh is the co-host of Knockahoma Nation. He's written for the Rome News Tribune, as well as Fansided's Tomahawk Take, and he's been published on Fox Sports. He lives with his wife and dogs somewhere in the mountains near Boone, NC.

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