Knockahoma Nation Episode 60

Dancing, Ducks, and Brian Snitker

This week on the podcast; the boys just talk some good ol’ baseball. Brian Snitker brought in Matt Wisler to face Mookie Betts… why? And maybe more importantly why did he leave him in the game?

Memorial Day Traditions that include guns, ducks, and drink beer.

Why is Austin Riley in Josh’s wedding vows?

Ken talks about dancing with who brought you, and why we should focus more on getting better and not always so much on what is out new and shiny.

We ask if Brian Snitker is Manager of the year.

We also ask how do the Braves win the World Series, what does this team have to do to be a real winner?

And of course we ask if we worried about the past week? The Braves have a tough schedule coming up, do we expect them to right the ship and get back on track?

All that and more on this week’s Knockahoma Nation.


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Knockahoma Nation Podcast

The Atlanta Braves podcast by the fans for the Braves Fam! Hosted by Ken Hendrix and Josh Brown, the top twitter knuckleheads.

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