Bryce Harper

Knockahoma Nation Episode 86

This week the boys recap Thanksgiving. Josh had a special moment with his father-in-law and Kenny went to Cracker Barrel. How sad.

They also talk about this weekend’s college football rivalry match-ups and then JT goes off the rails about Bryce Harper. Maybe JT and Bryce could start their own podcast. 

Also we finish our talk with @BravesStats about baseball and stats and the Braves (bet you didn’t see that coming).

Also – Stay tuned for a very special mid-week college football episode with a very special guest!

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Episode 53 – Knockahoma Nation Podcast

After a couple of weeks of Atlanta Braves baseball, it’s looking like the Bravos aren’t that bad. It’s also looking Brian Snitker might know what he’s doing. It’s almost like Brian Snitker has been managing baseball players since 1982 or something and none of us have. Very interesting.

This week on the podcast:

  • LIVE and exclusive footage of the 2018 Braves Masturds (a tradition unlike any other)
  • Josh teaches us about UZR
  • Ken talks about the foundation of the podcast and some of the advanced metrics of baseball
  • The boys review this past week in Braves Country

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Knockahoma Nation Podcast The Christmas Special

It’s the Christmas Special. Listen at your own risk. (Also on iTunes, CastBox and Stitcher.)

Cast list:

Adam Herbert, from Call to the Pen, as the Ghost of Christmas Present (Nick Markakis)

Dylan Short, from Outfield Fly Rule, as the Ghost of Christmas Future (Bryce Harper)

and Wife Brown as the Ghost of Christmas Past (Babe Ruth)