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What happens when 3 brothers find each other on the internet? You’ll have to tune in to find out, but these 3 brothers from another mother love the Braves, the Bulldogs, and being from the South.

Josh Brown

Sometimes a guy comes along that isn’t afraid to challenge the establishment. 1 part bluegrass music, 1 part rolling rock beer, and 3 parts pair of crocs and you get the best friend you could ever imagine, Josh Brown.
Dad of 1, husband of Nikki, lover of life.

JT Holton

Have you ever met a guy that just loves life? That’s JT. He’s never met a stranger, he’s met every celebrity you know, and no one that knows him can dislike him. Also beer. 

Georgia Bulldog, Gambling Addict, Lifelong Braves fan, JAGS/LIGHTNING/Luke Bryan Fan.

Ken Hendrix

Cattle Farmer, Gaming Nerd, Church Theologist, Speech Writer, Whisky Snob. 

Sit down and he’ll tell you a story. But you can shut him up with some Chris Ledoux.

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