Episode 149 Knockahoma Nation Podcast

This week on the Knockahoma Nation Podcast we discuss:

Mansplaining baseball. Is it mansplaining every time a man tells a woman she doesn’t know what she’s talking about in baseball?

Mike Trout went to Top Golf and crushed a golf ball, what Athletes would you love to see playing another sport?

Austin Riley, Johan Camargo and the age of OUTRAGE! Why Brian Snitker might not be the idiot you think he is.

In Around the Big Leagues, Josh and JT take a look at the landscape around baseball after an eventful offseason and remember the one and only John Olerud.

Wendy’s has added breakfast back to the menu, the boys draft their favorite fast food breakfast meals as Josh gets triggered.

Who are the most memorable broadcasters of your lifetime?

And then it’s time once again for PREDICTIONS SURE TO BE WRONG, where Josh, Ken and JT give their hot takes on what will (definitely not) happen this season.

Listen responsibly and thanks for being a part of our show. Remember to keep it between the ditches.


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